Selling one's home in an ideal market can be stressful - trying to sell a home in the present market is extremely stressful. Kendra Garwood "staging in style" makes the process a lot easier. Her professionalism, courteous manner and her attention to detail made the "staging" process of my home quick and easy. And I was appreciative of all her suggestions. Kendra was extremely sensitive to the fact that she was in my "home" and not just in a house.

Mary Beth McCallum, Homeowner

I want to take a minute to tell you what a fabulous job you did on staging one of my listings! Everyone that came through said how beautifully staged the house was, not only did everyone comment on it but the house sold in just 5 short days! I feel without the staging the house would have just been a big, vacant house! Thanks for all that you did to make the house show wonderful and sell fast!

Shari Faulkner, Coldwell Banker

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service on my last listing. It was a nearly vacant house in a neighborhood where homes were not selling very quickly. In fact the seller was facing a two year inventory of homes. Understanding we had a lot to overcome, I invited you to do a staging consultation for the house before the house went on the market. My seller had some reluctance to implementing the ideas so he waited, against my advice, until the home was on the market for about 45 days before he made the suggested changes.

He did some of the work himself and hired contractors to do the rest. The home sold to the first person who saw it after the staging work was complete, and they closed in under 30 days. Even though the work cost some money to complete, few things worthwhile are free, the price tag was nothing compared to the potential cost of the house sitting for six months or more. Your excellent job in staging made the house the best value, emotionally appealing, and it became “the next in line” for sales.

Ken Jansen, Realtor

Thank you so much for this very detailed report and for your consultation Friday afternoon. As I told you I would on Friday, I got started on your suggestions right after you left. I stayed up pretty late Friday night just working on decluttering, organizing and putting some of the "finishing touches" on. It was also helpful to get stuff packed (and thrown away) since we have to move anyway!

After all of our hard work on Friday we had a buyer come on Saturday morning, and then he called to come again with his wife Saturday afternoon. Long story short, he made an offer, we accepted it and we now have a contract! I don't know if it's because of your advice, but I know that your assistance made a HUGE difference and made the house look so much better!! I told Grant that I think if we would have had it in this shape when it first went on the market, it would definitely have been sold already. So thank you very, very much for your help. I will definitely recommend you to friends in the future.


Liz Trimble, Homeowner

Kendra was a pleasure to work with as we prepared our rental property for sale. Always punctual, she maintained a photo record of the redo job from start to final sale. She was clear with her ideas for staging, and very professional. She was easy to contact if we had questions, and that was comforting. Once we had our investment property ready to go, we turned it over to Kendra. We didn't see it until after it was staged. When I went by to see it, I couldn't have been more pleased. It was tastefully done, and the comments from buyers and agents alike were so positive.

The accessories that Kendra chose, and the rental furniture that we selected together were perfect for the house. I know with all the work we did, combined with all of Kendra's talents helped to get our property sold in 4 days. My husband and I truly feel that staging helped the buyer see the home as it would be furnished and decorated. In other words, as a home, not an empty shell. Kendra was terrific, and was a pleasure to work with staging our property.


Shelley Palmer, Realtor with Reece and Nichols

My Realtor and I agree: we would never have had a contract on my townhouse in three weeks had it not been for the excellent staging by Kendra and Staging In Style. The house looked fantastic -- I almost wanted to move back in and live in such a tastefully decorated space!



Paula Bratner, Homeowner

Staging in Style was a great home selling catalyst. Kendra was sweet and had great advise to give. We let her have full artistic freedom and did everything she said. The house looked wonderful and was beyond what I ever thought it could look like. It seemed to me that we would be lucky to sell our home in 6 weeks but thanks to Staging in Style it sold in 2 ½ DAYS!!!! I so enjoyed staying in what I called my “Hollywood Home” that we are incorporating many of her ideas in our new residence. Thanks Kendra for an awesome home selling experience!


Deidre Malcolm, Homeowner

I have utilized Kendra's services on several occasions and recommended her on many more. I can directly attribute the sale of at least 1 listing to her expertise at cost-effectively show-casing the house letting prospects "see" its potential for them. I'm sorry I can only pick from 3 of the 7 attributes listed above because she excels at them all.


Rick Sheahan, Realtor with Platinum Realty

Kendra did a staging consultation for me which included some great ideas on how to arrange furniture to make the house look larger and more inviting. The small bedrooms were made to look larger by removing and rearranging a few pieces of furniture. As a result the we had an offer in less than 1 month which was great considering this slow market.


Bob Benson, Realtor with Reece and Nichols

Staging in Style (Kendra) did an outstanding job getting our new listing in Deer Creek decorated with good looking furniture and many nice accessories. We are very impressed and would like to recommend her. You won't be disappointed.


Joe schloegel, Realtor ReMax

I put my house on the market in May and it sold in July 2007.It was a stressful time and might have been even more stress had my house not been sold so quickly. I attribute that quick sale to you, in part, for your excellent advice. Thank you for all your help.


Donna Young, Homeowner