Staging Tips

  1. While the real estate agent is getting the key out of the lock box, and unlocking the door, the potential buyer is using these few minutes to check out your front porch and door. It is essential that the glass door is cleaned, the front door and trim is touched up, and all weeds and debris are removed from the front walkway and stoop. You can never change a first impression.
  2. Why is it that we seem to forget about the floorboards in our own house, but you always notice other peoples? Dirty floorboards leave the impression that the whole house is dirty, so don't forget to wipe them off.
  3. Do you not have time to clean before each showing? Pour some Lysol into each sink, and it will smell as though you just scrubbed the entire home.
  4. Pull up the blinds, and pull back the curtains, before each showing. The natural light will not only make the room appear brighter and larger, but also more inviting.
  5. What is the best feature of your house? Make sure you display that by making it the focal point. Potential buyers will walk right by if it is not being displayed.
  6. An easy way to update an outdated kitchen is to add new pulls to the cabinets and drawers. It is inexpensive, easy, and can add value to your room.
  7. Clean as much out of your cabinets, drawers, and closets as possible. If they looked too cluttered, people will assume they are smaller then they really are.
  8. Remove pieces of furniture that are not serving a real purpose in the room. The goal is to show off the square footage of the room, and not the stuff in the room. By leaving only the essentials in a room, you will be amazed with the space you may not have realized you had.
  9. Closets and storage spaces can be a huge selling point of your house. Keeping these areas clean and organized are just as important as the rest of the house.
  10. Pictures don’t lie. Taking a picture of a room is a great way to see if it shows well. Do you notice the room, or only the furniture and clutter? Rearrange the room until the picture shows off the room, and not your things.
  11. Hanging and potted flowers, adding new mulch and trimming bushes and hedges, is an easy way to add curb appeal to your yard, and make it look well maintained.
  12. Put away personal photos and collections. These items can distract a buyer from focusing on your home.
  13. Replace larger pieces of furniture with smaller pieces. This will help create a look of spaciousness, and really show of the square footage of the space.
  14. Sellers should decorate their homes some during the holidays, to help give more of a homey feel. Do not go overboard with decorations though, since not ever buyer will celebrate the same holiday as you. You still want to make everyone feel comfortable.
  15. Hanging a mirror on a wall in a smaller room will help give the appearance that the room is actually larger than it is.
  16. Have your carpets cleaned when you put your home on the market. It helps eliminate odors, and stained carpet can easily take away appeal from a room.
  17. Angle your furniture to face each other. It creates a more intimate feel.
  18. Don’t forgot to clean your appliances. Appliances are a selling feature, and you want them to appear as new as possible.
  19. Use porcelain paint to help cover up rust stains in tubs and sinks
  20. Even though your furniture will not be staying with the house, you still want it to have a nice appearance. Use wood paint pens to cover up any nicks.